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  • 产品名称: Mirror Surface Roller
  • 产品编号: A002
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Main Application:
Printing and Dyeing Industry: Used for calendering of pure cotton, polyester, silk products, chemical fiber, hemp, wool and mixture fabrics of wool.
Leather Industry: Used for calendering of artificial leather, etc.
Plastic Industry: Various plastics such as PVC, ABA, PP, PT and PC.
Paper-making Industry: Used for surface calendering of various types of paper.
Metallurgical Industry: Calendering of various types of non-ferrous metals. 
Main Features:
The roller is high in luster and rigidity. Mirror Processing Technology: due to the introduction of imported grinding and polishing equipment, the mirror surface processing can be made for the surfaces of workpieces made of various materials, so that the requirements of glossiness, straightness, alignment, degree of balance, etc. of the roller surface are guaranteed. By mechanical rough machining and thermal treatment, the maximum surface hardness of the workpiece can reach HRC55 to 58, by mechanical precision lathing, grinding and durionising, the surface hardness of the workpiece can reach HRC62, and by precision grinding, pre-polishing and precision polishing, the maximum degree of finish of the workpiece can reach Ra0.01umm (Level 14), the thermal deformation rate is not more than 0.01mm.

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